The Historic Presidential Palace

Dadman Farms is located on the grounds of the Historic Presidential Palace of the Republic of Sierra Alta in sunny Cabo Loco, CA, President Jimmo, President for Life. Cabo Loco is known as a center of agriculture producing primarily chiles and bananas. The recipes used to make NukeYerBungo Hot Sauce are based on generations old sauces that have been nuking the bungos of the family of President Jimmo, President for Life, for many years. It is only now that President Jimmo, President for Life, has consented to the commercial production and sale of these incredible sauces.

Using only the freshest of chiles, the best vinegar, and sea salt, the culinary experts at the President Jimmo, President for Life, Gastronomic Institute & Rum Distillery have perfected these sauces for your enjoyment and Bungo Nuking. When you are in Cabo Loco please stop by the Historic Presidential Palace for a Rum Loco and a personal Bungo Nuking by President Jimmo, President for Life, himself.

“Have you NukedYerBungo lately?”